MetroWest Business Partners

Partnership Agreement


MetroWest Business Partners seeks to recruit only the finest professionals to represent their respective fields who will agree to adhere to our established guidelines:

1. Member agrees to provide referrals to other MWBP members throughout the duration of their annual membership. If determined by the Membership Committee that the Member has fallen behind in this regard, Member will be asked to make the necessary adjustments. If the Member does not respond accordingly, Member becomes at risk of losing their membership status.

2. Member agrees that participation in our meetings is essential to the overall success of the group.  Member should come to each meeting on time, be attentive, respectful, and prepared to engage in constructive dialog with others about their business.

  1. Member agrees to schedule private and on-going “face to face” meetings with each of the other MWBP Members throughout the year to remain informed and updated about the business of their fellow Members. Attending Casual Coffee meetings, offered on our “off week” schedule is highly recommended to keep face to face dialogues current and ongoing.
  1. It is expected that Member follows up with referrals promptly, at least within 24 hours. It is also expected that Member will be quoting fair and competitive pricing for services/products, provide outstanding follow-up and customer service skills, and that service/projects will be completed in a timely and efficient manner.
  1. Member agrees that in the event that he/she is unable to handle the referred business for reasons such as (but not limited to) scheduling issues, budget concerns, referred work is not applicable, etc., the Member will immediately inform the referring Member that he/she is unable to take the referral at the current time and suggest another company that can handle the work, if one is known.
  1. Concurrent membership in another networking group is discouraged however if Member still feels that another group membership is important for their business, Member needs to inform the MWBP Membership Committee in advance. Member understands that membership in another group does not absolve their responsibility to provide ongoing referrals to members of MWBP.
  1. Member should make the best effort to attend all 26 meetings during their 12-month membership. However we understand that unexpected events with health, work, or family may cause unavoidable absences.  Member is allowed 4 excused absences during the year.  Additional absences are also allowed for extenuating circumstances however for all absences, please communicate with a member of the Executive Committee at least 24 hours prior to the meeting in which the absence will occur.
  1. Member understands that membership is a 12-month period beginning with the first meeting after they’ve been initially accepted into the group. Yearly membership dues of $200.00 are payable immediately upon acceptance into the group. Renewal for another year is not automatic but rather is dependent upon Member’s adherence to this agreement, as determined by the Membership Committee.
  1. Member understands that their annual membership payment is not a guarantee of 12 months of membership. Member is free to quit the group at any time.  Likewise, MWBP is free to terminate membership if determined that Member is not adhering to the bullets outlined in this agreement.  It is also understood that after Member is accepted, annual fees are not refundable.
  1. Member is expected to bring at least one (1) guest during their 12-month membership to a regularly scheduled meeting at Bethany. This is for the purpose of introducing a new potential member to our group.  The guest must be a business professional who has a genuine interest to consider MWBP membership and does not have a conflicting profession with any of our current members.
  1. Member is permitted to use our email distribution list only for the purpose of informing or reminding other members about upcoming MWBP activities, special offers provided by Member’s business, plans to bring a guest, or if Member is unable to attend an upcoming meeting. Any other use of our email distribution list is prohibited without exception.
  1. If determined that the Member has not adhered to the policies set forth in this agreement or otherwise grossly abuses the commonly accepted guidelines of good business practices, the Membership Committee has the option to either issue a warning to the Member or terminate the membership, based on the severity of the infraction.
  1. Member understands that on occasion photos may be taken at our meetings or group events and the Member may possibly be included in these photos, which are to be used for the MWBP website and other MWBP marketing collaterals. Member agrees to the use of these photos and will not hold MWBP liable or demand royalties for their use, even should the member leave the group at a future date.

We ask that all members adhere to the spirit of our mission: To build a successful network of business professionals who give and receive meaningful and productive referrals to enhance each other’s business.